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    It soothes me to create. I love to create beautiful spaces, homes, meals, outfits, hair, jewelry, gardens and art. I love any and everything to do with finding, delighting in and creating beauty. I love walking, yoga, swimming, horses, fresh food and my Ladies. I love being married to my man and being a mama to my babes. We are all so lucky to live in the loveliest land of all… Humboldt County. 

     I opened my salon, Parker’s Beauty Bar over ten years ago and have been loving almost every minute of it. I am so stoked my abundance comes from such joy and ease. I love how filled with art being a hairstylist is for me. I love connecting to my clients and helping them to find their beauty which, quite often, has nothing to even do with their hair. I love the art and magic of the colors and shapes and textures and angles on an ever moving canvas.

     Along with the salon I love interior design in any and every way. Be it a home, business, small space, helping choose paint or colors, furniture or shopping help, design and layout for remodels…anything at all to do with beautifying spaces has always been a source of joy for me.

     In painting I lose myself and never tire of mixing colors and being a part of what unfolds. Finding the right composition in weight, shape, texture and color titillates my soul to no end. 

    Here at All About The Love is where you can find all my phalanges of delight. It is a place for me to go beyond the salon, interior design, and abstract painting. A portal for me to get some of my other creative excitements out into the Universe. I hope you enjoy perusing around the site and would love to hear if you have any questions or comments.